Nursery School Support

The Nursery School Support is a benefit provided to economically vulnerable students with the aim to stimulate their permanence at the University. In order to request it, the student needs:

o    To be regularly enrolled and attending undergraduate programs at UFSC;
o    To have the custody and legal responsibility of children between zero and six years old;
o    To be in a socioeconomic vulnerability situation as approved by the Social Service Coordination Office/PRAE;
o    Not to be granted with other types of nursery school support;
o    To have registered in the municipal public sector, and in the Child Development Center (NDI)  at UFSC, being on the waiting list of these institutions.

Its current value is R$ 468.00 (partial support) and R$ 771.00 (full support).

For further information, please contact the Student Assistance Coordination Office (CoAEs).