Student Housing

UFSC Student Residence Hall, linked to PRAE and sustained by Resolution No. 06CUn2003, is located at Rua Desembargador Vitor Lima, nº 700, Bairro Carvoeira. It can accommodate 167 undergraduate students in financial difficulties and whose families and cities of origin are considered to be distant from the university.

Its mission is to meet the specific needs of male and female students in social vulnerability, regularly enrolled in undergraduate programs at UFSC, coming from other cities, who would otherwise not be able to attend university classes nor take part in the university community through the support to student events.

The selection of new students is organized each semester by the Student Assistance Coordination Office (CoAEs) and the criteria for admission are based on the socioeconomic registration. Foreign residents that occupy the places destined to Exchange programs are selected  by the Office of International Relations (SINTER).  Twelve of these students are from MERCOSUL (6 per semester) and six are from African countries. These African students come to UFSC Summer courses and use these accommodation services during January and February.

The Student Residence Administrative Service receives selected students and asks for the signature of the Occupancy Term. At the same moment, the student receives a copy of Resolution CUN no. 006/2003, in which their rights and responsibilities are described. The student is then led to the vacancy destined to them.

Vacancy control is done fortnightly by the office, who informs CoAEs about the places available for new residents, always trying to optimize the occupation of places.

Please follow the Public Calls webpage to access publications related to the Student Residence Hall.

For further information, please contact the Student Assistance Coordination Office (CoAEs).